A better communication channel

i can’t use matrix (fluffy or element apps) or discord. i tried to like them, i really did (and used for months), but they’re both dreadful (for my “bad” internet or “awesome” android).

and discourse is not engaging. it probably never will be. node bb or something else will do it much better before the sadly blind discourse folks can see it happening.

perhaps it’s relevant to say i got no desktop. like most people who shall be interested in tosdr, i’d argue.

so, here are my suggestions (once again):


i was going to create a group there to reserve the name @tosdr for you, when (and if) you ever decide to do it…

but it was taken. so i reserved another one instead.

ps: too sad they still don’t use ipfs or were smart enough like lbry or (even facebook) to handle names.

delta chat

this would be much closer to ideal, imho, but i have little clue on how to do it… and can’t bother to learn it just yet.


never used it really, but got it installed and it’s very refreshing. might work for you! :grin:


i only know there are many better decentralised and open source alternatives… bet you can find one.