New Service Grades/Updates

Recently Facebook and Pornhub have been given grades on the website!


Wikipedia, Urban Dictionary, and Listudy received a grade on the website!
Also, a neutral case: You cannot delete your contributions, but it makes sense for this service and a blocker case: This service can view your browser history have been added to the website.


Fandom with its affiliated sites: wikia, gamepedia, dndbeyond, muthead, futhead, playbook, and strawpoll have been added to the site as well as Hacking with Swift.

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Reddit has now been comprehensively reviewed and the positive Case 138 (This service will aid you when other users infringe on your copyright) with a weight of 50 has a new title (Provides instructions on how to submit a copyright claim) and has been moved to a neutral case with a weight of 10. This case change was due to a lack of approved points in the previous state.