420a3 review progress

See https://edit.tosdr.org/services/1733

There are quite a few points for this service where the quote does not support the case, and there are also a few duplicates. I marked a bunch of them as ‘changes-requested’.

One thing that caught my eye is that 420a3 asks the users to sign away their moral rights over content they upload. We should use https://edit.tosdr.org/cases/118 there, which is a rated as a blocker, so that will influence the rating quite a bit.

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I wasn’t aware the forum was here - great to see and be a part of.!

This service was modified today to help clear up this point of contention and some issues that you noted on several other points.

Please let me know what else I can do to help, or clarify.


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Forgot to ask - when there’s a duplicate point or one added by mistake…what’s the best way to help manage or remove them?



Just switch the point to Declined. Idk how to Destroy a Point, but declining it is practical enough for it not to appear on the Documents.

Yep thats how we do it.